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Alison P.

"I found the sessions with Claire to be open and fluid as she seamlessly tailored the sessions based on what unfolded during the conversation. This was opposite to the experience I had previously where it was more of a rigid coaching session. Claire's approach is open and nonjudgmental which can be especially felt when the conversation veers into personal/emotional territory.  She has a bag full of tools and strategies to use, which even include methodologies like hypno therapy, or pressure points. That felt exciting as it wasn’t run of the mill, 'let’s follow steps 1 – 4 and you will be all better'. Claire's approach feels more holistic where she's treating the whole person. I especially like the techniques she gave when it came to managing anxiety. The helpful tips/email she shared was super helpful. It was useful to know that there are multiple ways to manage something and not everything will work all the time."

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